Housing Proposal

4th June 2017 – adapted from the Monmouthshire Beacon

Plans are in place for two new 5 bedroomed houses in Penallt, next door to a development of 10 homes which were approved last year. An application for two houses on land adjacent to Croesfaen Bungalow has been submitted to Monmouthshire County Council by Brideoak Homes.

The site comprises a garden or paddock area bordered by a residential property to the east and a grazing pasture to the west which in September was awarded planning consent for the 10 new dwellings, also being developed by Brideoak Homes (see below). The site comprises grassland, managed until recently as garden and orchard areas.

According to Abbey Sanders Ecology, no protected species have been identified using the site. However, it is likely that foraging and commuting bats and nesting birds would use the boundary hedgerows and there is the potential for low level use by dormice and common reptiles associated with field boundaries.

The planning application will go before TUCC for its recommendations before going to county planners at a later date.

7th September 2016 – from the Monmouthshire Beacon
THE RESIDENTIAL development of 10 houses near Penallt has been approved by county council planners at a planning meeting today (6th September).

The development, which includes six affordable homes and four market homes, will be sited on the south west edge of the village of Penallt in Pentwyn.

The site is currently in agricultural use, and when the application was made was being used as pasture land for horses.

There was contention when councillors noted the lowering in size and change in visual style of the six affordable homes. County Councillor Debby Blakebrough remarked on the size of the houses, explaining how they were smaller than the standards set by the Welsh Government, and although the rule was flexible, “affordable housing is meant to mean affordable and not cheap and cheerful.”

However, there was praise for the proportion of affordable houses to market houses planned for the development. Councillors highlighted how other developers of bigger housing sites within the county had deemed the Welsh Assembly’s recommended figure of 35 per cent affordable housing as unsustainable.

Two councillors voted to reject the plans whilst the remaining councillors approved them.

25th August 2016
There have been some changes recently for which a new planning application has been put in. These are not deemed very significant and it is hoped to implement them within a very tight timetable.

In summary, the changes amount to:

  • a revised surface drainage plan
  • the replacement of local stone with brick on all walls – originally there was
    going to be stone cladding on the most visible walls
  • a reduction in the size of the affordable houses.

An extract from the new plans shows the revised layout below (click for a larger version). Comparison with the original plans (at the bottom of this page) shows that changes are not major, the most obvious being the change of orientation of the buildings in the NW plot (1).

Other relevant documents are available here: latest site plan, elevations, plots 5-7, plots 8-10, surface drainage.

29th January 2016
Residents who wish to express an interest in the affordable housing provision in Penallt (or in Trellech) can find further details here.

9th December 2015
PLANS to build 10 homes on land in Penallt were approved last Tuesday (1st December) by Monmouthshire County Council’s (MCC) planning committee. The new homes will be situated to the south west of Penallt on a site allocated in the Local Development Plan (LDP).

60 per cent of the houses will be affordable with 40 per cent market properties. The affordable houses will be made up of two rows of three terraced properties with one parking space per bedroom.

Councillor Debby Blakebrough said: “To me the site is too dense, there’s too much being put in that place. When you look at the affordable housing, the developers are looking at a terrace style approach. That would fit an urban setting but it doesn’t fit a rural setting. My view is that it’s overdevelopment of that plot”.

Councillor Roger Harris said: “There’s a need for social housing in the area. If anyone was trying to rent a property up there [Penallt] goodness knows what it would cost. I’ve got no problems with the plans, we just need the affordable housing. Whenever plans comes up in the countryside we get objection after objection after objection. As far as I’m concerned the plans are appropriate”.
[From the Monmouthshire Beacon]

12th July 2015
planning application has been put in for the development of the land
across the road from Green Pastures. Comments have to be in by 29 July (3
weeks from 8 July) and there’s little signage in the village about it.

More details of the ten proposed houses can be found here and a plan is shown below also.

Comments should be sent to Planning at MCC or made online, but if anyone wishes to raise anything with the Community Council as well or instead, they should contact the clerk, Ann Davison.