Snow in Penallt 2013

23rd January 2013
Penallt has been blanketed in snow for the last six days, ever since the rare Met Office Red weather warning for SE Wales saw the first heavy fall on Friday 18th January. More snow fell overnight on 21st/22nd and 10 cm fell during Wednesday 23rd, by which time the total depth of undisturbed snow had risen to 22 cm.

Paradoxically, the Penallt weather station recorded only 0.6 mm rain during this period – the rain gauge doesn’t do” snow! – but the temperature record shows clearly why the snow lasted as the temperature has exceeded 0C for only a few hours during this period:-

25th January 2013
The slideshow below shows photographs taken by villagers during the winter conditions. It is set so that the photographs appear in a random order and change every 3 seconds. Left and right arrows at the bottom also allow navigation backwards and forwards.

Thanks to  Penny Woodman, Lyn Harper, Ruth Massey, Trish Hayward, Jane McCord, Andrea Davis, Rhian Williams-Flew, Sandra Howells and David May