Zipitty Doo Dah

On 24th January, Babington Meadow Chair, Alastair Robertson, officially opened the new Zipwire in the Meadow in Penallt. It was a socially distanced affair with spectators watching over the roadside wall in the village. The Chairman said: “This is a small step for residents and prospective visitors to the village but a great step for youngsters in the village who, after lockdown, will be able to enjoy this exciting new attraction”.

Fundraising in these straightened times is not easy and this long-planned scheme has been achieved with considerable assistance from Trellech United Community Council, Monmouth Town Council and a variety of very welcome private donations.

The contractors, Playforce Ltd, are respected designers and installers of play equipment and safety has been a prime consideration in their design. A safe surface has been laid around the wire and there will be regular maintenance of the equipment.

We expect the main users of the Zipwire will be 10—15 year olds and we are confident that they will behave sensibly as they have done in the Meadow over the past 20 years.

Enquiries and any first aid assistance can be made to the Chair on 01600 715781 or by e-mail on [email protected].