Steve Davis

We are all aware by now that at last Thursday’s meeting of Monmouthshire County Council, the sale of the Meend Farm to Ms Humble was agreed.

What is probably less well known is that the business case presented to the Council to support the sale of this property (at a significant discount from market value) used the popular TV programme River Cottage as an example of the full impact that this type of venture could have.  Monmouthshire County Council was presented a case which will encourage 30,000 visitors a year to Penallt.

In addition to this the Council has apparently ignored approaches by a number of local farmers who wanted to bid for the tenancy – some of whom have been on the waiting list for over 10 years.

I have arranged to meet David Davies, our local MP, to ask him to investigate how this decision was reached. I would urge other inhabitants of Penallt who agree with this to contact him at [email protected] and make their feelings known.

Steve Davis
Crick Farm
3rd August 2011