Much Ado

At 3 pm, on Bank Holiday Monday, Rain or Shine Theatre Company invite you to eavesdrop in their alfresco matinee performance in Babington Meadow on a comedy about … eavesdropping; and to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a tale that involves love, jealousy, revenge, silliness and acerbic wit!

  • Hero loves Claudio, and he loves her… but will it all end happily?
  • Beatrice loathes Benedick, and he loathes her… or do they?
  • Don John hates everyone and plots much mischief,
  • and Don Pedro and Leonato desire joy for all.
  • Who will succeed in their plans and who will fail?

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare’s comic classic – Much Ado About Nothing – where many things are not what they seem and the truth appears only after much trial and tribulation.

The performance starts at 3 pm