Film Night

Take a look at the 2012 Spring Season of Film Night at Pelham Hall for which we have four amusing and diverse films on offer. Film Night is a friendly and relaxed way to view a non-mainstream production supplied to us by the British Federation of Film Societies. As usual, doors are open at 7.30pm and the £5 admission charge includes a tasty snack.

Saturday 4th February– Loose Cannons – Dir. Ferzan Ozpetek
This charming Italian film is set in a family run pasta business whose proud father wishes to pass on the running of the family firm to his two sons. However things get a little complicated when both sons turn out to be gay and pasta isn’t everything they might desire on the menu!

Saturday 3rd March – Tough Enough – Dir. Detlev Buck
A gritty and tough drama emerges on the streets of Berlin when a mother and son are forced to move out of their comfortable surroundings and make ends meet in the seamier side of town.

Saturday 31st March – Gasland – Dir. Josh Fox
This compelling American documentary reveals how the US conglomerate Haliburton is buying or bullying its way across American farmland in the hunt for oil. A technique called “fracking” literally forces the gas out of the ground by forcing water and other components in but bizarre and unpleasant side-effects including water table contamination render this method highly questionable.

Saturday 28th April – Happy Accidents – Dir. Brad Anderson
A romantic comedy set in the USA features a somewhat neurotic girl called Ruby who can’t seem to keep her men, that is until she meets Sam who turns out to be from (or claims to be from) the future. Sam reveals that he’s on the run from a murder-rap several hundred years hence for which he is of course innocent but unable to prove it without “back-travelling” as it’s called.