Wild Boar

18th December 2017 Tim McCord reports a sighting of a very large boar on this side of the river on Saturday on the old railway line below Penallt (see “B” on map) and reported it to Natural Resources Wales. In reply, NRW said:

“We do occasionally get young male boar crossing the river and more so this time of year when the majority of them are mating and the males push out in search of females. We have a policy in place to manage the boar and it would be helpful if you could keep me informed of any sightings, especially if you see females with young.”

If anyone else has such sightings, please contact Carl Jennings to let him have the details.

28th January 2016A Tregagle resident reports that confirmation has come from the local deer warden that there are now wild boar in Colonel’s Park, the woods to the south of Tregagle (see “A” on map).

It is stressed that no bait etc has been laid by deer warden nor is any firm of hide anything to do with them. The area will be inspected today and anything inappropriate on forestry land will be removed.

The Farm Community Neighbourhood Watch Team have been briefed and will be monitoring. The probability is that any form of hide or prepared shooting position may be illegal. They request immediate feedback via a call to 101 on suspicious shots, torches in the dark etc.

Please contact if anyone else has such sightings.

You may find this link of interest as it gives notes on the Forestry Commission Web Site regarding feral boar just over the Wye in the Forest of Dean.

This sighting accompanies other signs that wild boar are in the parish as residents in The Birches have recently reported evidence that they have been in the vicinity.

The image shows typical turf disturbance (not in Penallt) made by wild boar as they root around for food (worms, insects etc).