2014 Meetings

Penallt WI, in association with Pelham Hall, invites you to join us once a month on a Thursday evening to enjoy an evening in good company with interesting speakers. We welcome members and non-members alike. We even have a core of gents who come regularly so no-one need be shy of coming along to Pelham Hall to join us for any of our events.

We do charge a small fee from visitors to help cover the costs – although it’s free if you are a member of Penalt WI; a good audience is always appreciated by a speaker who’s prepared a talk, had to travel to the Hall, probably from some distance, and willingly turned out on winter nights and (on present performance) in dreadful weather.

This year’s programme includes several speakers making return visits – when we’ve enjoyed their talks that much we ask them back so they must be good! This year Dr Naylor Firth is returning as are Roger Morgan (June) and Phil Savoie (November). But we don’t just rely on old and trusted favourites; we also have some new speakers Pete Ralph (April), Wendy Hughes (July) and staff from Vintage Vision (March).

  • Thursday 9th January
    A representative from Wiltshire Farm Foods
    Ready meals and freezers
  • Thursday 6th February
    Dr Naylor Firth
    Monmouthshire Oddments
  • Thursday 6th March
    Vintage Vision
  • Thursday 3rd April
    The Royal Forest of Dean – From Canute to Elizabeth II
  • Thursday 1st May
  • Thursday 5th June
    Roger Morgan
    CADW Custodian at Chepstow Castle
  • Thursday 3rd July
    Topaz Tribal Dance
  • Thursday 7th August
    Walk and pub supper
  • Thursday 4th September
    Travels in Myanmar
  • Thursday 2nd October
    A Wine Tasting
  • Thursday 7th November
    Talk and a Wildlife Film
  • Thursday 4th December
    Christmas Meal

We look forward to seeing people for these occasions.
7.30 at Pelham Hall
Penallt WI members: free
Non Penallt WI members: £3.50 – NB note new charge

The full year’s programme will be displayed at Pelham Hall, the Inn and the notice board by Babington Meadows.