65 bus information update

July 3rd 2021
Traveline Cymru have at last updated the timetables on their website and these are now available on our 65 & 69 BUS — Penallt Village Website page.

Also updated on this page are the section on “Time in …” for Monmouth and (new) Chepstow. The Friends of the 65 bus have also updated their group aims.

13th May 2021
Monmouthshire CC has put in hand a contract to renovate the bus shelters and bus stops all along the 65 Bus route. This will involve cleaning the stops and shelters, removal of vegetation growth, internal painting of the shelters, replacing the glass in the timetable panels and inserting new and up to date timetables.  Work is scheduled for some time in May, although the insertion of the timetables may take a little longer.  We have been asking them to do this work since summer of 2018, so we are delighted that it is now going ahead.

It is good to see passenger numbers beginning to gradually increase as people feel more confident about returning to the 65 Bus.

We were very pleased to receive a recent response form Cllr Jane Pratt who is the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Public Services at Monmouthshire County Council, in which she said:

“We have to rebuild confidence in our public transport system and ensure it is a better alternative to using a car by aiming for a reliable, reasonably priced and frequent service for all. The 65 Bus service is a very good model of how a good community bus service is that better choice, many thanks for all the hard work you all continue to put in to promote it.

Assuring you of my full support.”

22nd March 2021
There will be some changes to the 65 Bus timetable from Monday 22nd March.  This follows a very successful meeting between Friends of the 65 Bus and Monmouthshire CC Passenger Transport Unit. The changes are all positive and consolidate the timetable in a way that demonstrates MCC’s continuing commitment to the service and its role in linking our communities.

Three services will now be re-routed via The Narth and Penallt. This means that every bus in both directions will now call at The Narth and Penallt. These are the major changes: –

0700 from Chepstow – a change to the route in Chepstow and The Narth and Penallt. This service will now leave Chepstow along Welsh Street, thus avoiding the rush hour delays that can occur at High Beech. It is then routed through The Narth (0730) and Penallt (0735). Timings also change for Trellech (07.25) and Lydart (07.38).

0745 from Monmouth – a change to the route to now run via Penallt (0758) and The Narth (0803). This change impacts on timings at Trellech (0808), Llanishen (0811), Devauden (0820) and Itton (0823)

1530 from Chepstow – a change to the route to now run via The Narth (1600) and Penallt (1605).  Timings also change for Llanishen (15.51), Trellech (15.55) and Lydart (16.08).

The new timetables can be viewed from the main page on the 65 and 69 bus services here