Baptist Chapel

“This Grade II listed building is of the early 19th century …

Conversion to secular use presents problems but it is difficult to believe that acceptable solutions cannot ultimately be found, given the successful conversion of other church buildings in the village.” [See here for the full text.]

Terrie Cornish describes the more than “acceptable solution” we see today:

When we bought the Chapel, (planning permission, warts and all), back in 2009, we knew it was going to be a complete and ongoing project, what we didn’t know was that we were going to love every minute. Every little hiccough including adhering to Cadw historic listings and deciding what to respectfully and tastefully do with the resident families and friends, was approached and overcome with a passion for the property and respect for protocol.

Neither my husband nor I have ever attempted anything like this before, we had no experience or any of the skills required to make this sort of project any easier. We spent sleepless nights worrying about not being able to pull it off (although we didn’t admit this to each other, we worried in secret) and we trusted the expertise and competence of our builder and his team. With surprisingly very few headaches we feel it has all been worthwhile, the completion of the Chapel is one of Penallt’s success stories and it has been an immense pleasure returning the Chapel to a useful and attractive asset.

Now that the building is finally finished we intend to encourage community use with events such as small Yoga classes and the provision of short non-vocational massage courses, the first of which I hope to run on 4th & 11th December 2012 (if interested please contact me on 01600 861873).

Terrie Cornish

The slideshow below shows stages in the renovation project