Wye Flood Feb2014

February 11th 2014
The Wye at Redbrook was at its highest level for many years today, exceeding the Christmas Eve 2012 height by about a foot. According to Environment Agency records, the maximum height recorded at Redbrook is 7.17 metres (date unknown) and the height today was 6.44 metres, some 0.73 m below the record (about 2.4 feet).

The chart on the right shows the level at 1500 on February 11th and variations in level in the 48 hours beforehand.

The Boat Inn was unreachable except by paddling as access from the north continues to be blocked by the recent landslip.

A video of the Wye in flood is available at the top of this page.

A slideshow of scenes in and around the Boat Inn is available below.

All images were taken at around 1230 on February 11th 2014.