Road Closures

National Cycling Championships

Monday June 30th 2014

Top British riders cycled past Penallt on Sunday afternoon part way through the men’s road race event (see below for more details). The slideshow below shows the scene on the B4293 near The Gockett.

From MCC (June 23 2014):

We are hosting this year’s British Cycling National Road Race Championships. This event will be running throughout Monmouthshire from Monday 23 June to Sunday 29 June.

There will be a number of road races across the county and we would like to make you aware of some necessary restrictions and road closures that we have put in place to run the event safely. These road closures include an urban clearway, this means that waiting, parking, loading or unloading will not be permitted on those highways.

Total Road Closures Monmouth

This image has been deleted

Sorry, this image has been deleted.

Priory Street, Castle Hill, St John’s Street, Monnow Street, Monnow Bridge and St Thomas’ Square will be closed on Sunday, 29th June from 09:45 to 10:30 and from 14:15 to 15:00

There will be a number of rolling road closures in place across the county. These are as follows:

Sunday 29 June (9:00 – 17:00)

Rolling Road Closures Monmouth

  • B4293 from its junction with the R46 to Cinderhill Street, Monmouth,
  • The Parade (A466) Monmouth from its junction with Priory Street to its junction with Hereford Road,
  • Hereford Road (A466) from its junction with the parade to its junction with the B4521 north of Little London in Herefordshire,
  • B4521 from its junction with the A466 to its junction with the C15-6 at Wernddu.
  • the R92 from its junction with the A466 at Tintern to its junction with the B4293 at Trellech,
  • the B4293 from its junction with the R92 at Trellech to its junction with Cinderhill Street, Monmouth.

Other total and rolling road closures are also in force within Monmouthshire on Sunday. Details are available here.

What is a rolling road closure?

MCC give no definition but the Tour of Britain cycling website states

“Police and civilian motorcycles – 62 in all – that initiate and maintain the road closures as the race approaches enforce the rolling road closure system. These motorcycles close the roads in front of the race, allowing it to pass through without interference from non-race traffic. Once the race has departed an area, the roads will open again. In practice, roads may be closed from fifteen minutes to half an hour, depending upon the terrain, weather and race location.”

Where does the route go?

The men’s course starts in Abergavenny at 1pm, goes south through Usk and down to Newport. Thence to Chepstow and Tintern on the A466. From Tintern, it takes the road past Bargain Wood to Trellech (expected 14:44)where it joins the B4293, goes past the Penallt turn off and down to Monmouth via the Lydart bends (expected 14:56).

In Monmouth, the route passes through the Monnow Bridge gatehouse, up Monnow Street and then along the Hereford Road before eventually turning left along the B4251 and back to Abergavenny, 114 km in all (expected 15:57). Then follows a further 72 km via ten laps of a 7.2 km circuit NE of Abergavenny to make a grand total of 186 km (expected 17:31).