Tree Update

Wednesday 12th February 2014

The road above Probyns Allotments is blocked by a fallen tree (roughly at GR 520097).  Pedestrians can pass underneath.  That tree has taken out the power to the folks at The Birches, I think.

Glyn Rd has  a fallen tree about hallway down, around GR 526099.  Following some carpentry by yours truly, cars can pass underneath but not anything above about 2m in height.  This tree is resting on the phone line.

On the road to the Old Church, a huge fallen tree in the recently cleared forestry area has been largely cleared (around 524103), but there is another huge tree down this side of it, around GR 523102.  Also there are two sets of trees down north of it.  The northern set are just south of the landslip, and impassable to normal pedestrians.

Also in that area, so just north of the cleared area and the turning up to Jackston Farm (GR 524105) – where a big oak came down around New Year – there are several trees on the west side which have been uprooted and are leaning across the road, balancing on other trees on the east side of the road.  Quite likely one or more of these will come down in the night also.   I guess these were previously protected from the wind, but now that the cleared area is clear, they take the full brunt of a south-westerly.

Other than that, everything’s fine.

Richard Newhouse