Green Meeting

From TUCC Minutes of the September 2019 meeting

“Councillors had studied the guidance published by DEFRA and by the Open Spaces Society on vehicles and Village Greens. Their understanding was that occasional parking for events that afford recreation for local residents is allowed under the legislation. The use of Pentwyn Green discussed at the TUCC meeting in May 2018 is therefore permitted.

For clarity however it was resolved that a formal request should be made to TUCC on each occasion that such an event is planned. A notice to that effect should be added to the Penallt website; the clerk was also asked to write direct to the landlord of the Penallt Inn to inform him of this new policy.”

Notes from meeting of 21st May 2018
The formal TUCC meeting was preceded by a public meeting (chaired by Cllr Blakebrough) to discuss parking on Pentwyn Green. This was well attended, with about a dozen members of the local community present. The consensus was that there is only occasional parking on the Green, when special events are taking place at the Inn or in the village.

For an event such as Art in Penallt, the lack of available parking elsewhere is a big problem. Residents suggested that they might informally marshal parking when such events take place, and ask drivers to park elsewhere if the ground is wet. There was no requirement for the Community Council to take any further action about parking.

3rd May 2018
The Community Council is responsible for protecting Village Greens within its area. Pentwyn Green (Penallt) is one of these.

Councillors would like to hear your views on the subject of parking on the Green.

A public meeting will be held in Pelham Hall at 6.30 pm on Monday, 21 May.

Please come along and talk to us.

If you are unable to come but would like to share your thoughts, please email: [email protected].

Background – from recent TUCC minutes:-

Feb 2018: Pentwyn Green. Photographs were presented of several cars parked on the Green within yards of the No Parking signs. The clerk will send a supply of flyers to local councillors to place on windscreens of offending vehicles. The clerk was also asked to get legal advice from MCC about how to prosecute offenders. The possibility of Fixed Penalty Notices was also proposed.

April 2018: Robert Tranter, head of MCC legal department, had suggested putting rocks along the edge of the green to prevent parking. The clerk was asked to investigate the possible cost of this, and the implications for mowing by MCC. Mr Tranter had also suggested holding a public meeting to gather opinions on the subject. It was resolved to call a public meeting at 6.30pm, immediately before the TUCC meeting on 21 May, which is due to be held in Penallt.