From Tessa Murray 21st November 2016
If the defibrillator has been used or you think there’s a problem
with it, please contact the Clerk to Trellech United Community Council: email [email protected]; or
phone 01594 530295.

NB: If there is a flashing white light on the defibrillator, this
is not a fault. It is triggered by low ambient light and is intended to help
people locate the machine in the dark.

From Tessa Murray 21st October 2016
Trellech United Community Council (TUCC) has
recently installed defibrillators at various locations throughout our local
area, at village halls, in disused phone boxes and outside village shops. All
are now ready for use.

TUCC has arranged with the Welsh Ambulance NHS
Trust for a training course to be held, which will cover CardioPulmonary
Resuscitation (CPR) techniques and also when/how to use the defibrillators. The
course will be held at two venues in November, as follows:

Llanishen – Village Hall: Wednesday, 16th November, 7:30 pm.

Penallt – Pelham Hall: Sunday, 20th November, 3:00 pm

Anyone wishing to attend the course has the
choice of attending either venue, whichever is most convenient. All you
need to do is just turn up at the appointed time (please be prompt).

The course is free of charge.

From Tessa Murray 29th January 2016
TUCC and the British Heart Foundation are
jointly funding a defibrillator for the village, to be placed in the phone
box by Pentwyn Park
– part of a bigger project to get machines into all the
TUCC villages. The installation and commissioning will be assisted by the
Welsh Ambulance Service and they also offer training sessions for

You don’t need training to use a public defibrillator – it
talks you through what to do – but if anyone feels they would like some
training, we can organise it. In order to do so, I need expressions
of interest, along with information about whether the individuals concerned
have times or days they couldn’t attend (mornings/afternoons/evenings; days of

Training may be at Pelham Hall or at another of the TUCC village
halls, depending on numbers.
The British Heart Foundation have also presented the council with a CPR
training kit that can be used by groups of up to 10 people, following a DVD
without a trainer. We’ll be happy to lend this out to groups. We
may also include CPR in the defibrillator training.

Please contact Tessa Murray if you are interested in such training.