Fabulous Statues

Fabulous Statues, Memorials and Busts

Some seriously solid citizens have been causing mayhem in London recently and all in the name of Art. Collide with them, however, at your peril. Fabulous Statues, Memorials and Busts was the subject of guest speaker David Harrison‘s talk at the recent October meeting.

Statues of the great and good once knew their place – up on a plinth for lesser folk to admire. Recent fashion, however, finds them planted on pavements and piazzas to rub shoulders, elbows and other sticky out bits with unsuspecting pedestrians. Unsurprisingly a common cause of accident in the City of Westminster is now collision with a metal man. Art, for once, appears to have triumphed over Health & Safety. Note, it’s usually a man – lady statues are few and far between..

Closer to home, Agincourt Square’s statues came under critical discussion, with universal approval accorded to Charles Rolls. The peculiar past-faced effigy of ‘God for Harry’ stuck on the front of the Shire Hall, however, was to no-one’s taste. The president suggested swapping it for one of Olivier in a suitably heroic pose.

On November 3rd, Bob Trett will be talking about the History and Archaeology of Pentwyn Farm and local Nature Reserves.

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