Heating Update

“a little cold on occasions”

“Enjoy all the events but do get very cold whilst watching the film”

“often too cold for yoga”

The quotations above come from the recent survey conducted by Pelham Hall and illustrate that, for some time now, we have suffered inadequate heating in the bar area upstairs. Drafting in of portable electric heaters alleviated the problem as it was clear that the two ceiling heaters were making little difference to the room.

We apologise to all those who have suffered as a result and thank them for bearing it with such stoicism.

Thanks to everyone’s continued support for the Hall, we have been able to bring in a specialist who diagnosed problems with the external heat pumps. This has now been fixed and we’re nearly out of the learning curve with the new smart thermostat too.

So, thank you for all your patience and we hope that the days of quotations like the ones at the top of this page are now over and you’ll find Pelham Hall a warm and welcoming Village Hall!

11th February 2019

Optional detail … !

Expert number one reported that the two ceiling heaters were being exquisitely maintained but failed to find any other problems and the lack of heating continued.

Some time later, expert number two found that the two external heat pumps which drive them had leaked over half of the gas which makes them work – hence the pathetic overall performance.

  • When remedied, the heating problem was solved and we then had an efficient system which could warm the whole space quickly.The next problem was that the previous control system was not fit for purpose as (a) the slightest power cut would knock out all scheduled settings, and (b) the heating could only be turned on or off by being in the building itself.

    The installation of a smart thermostat has solved this problem as, not only can all control be done remotely, but it knows how early to start heating if the room is required, say, to be at 19C by 9am.