Successful applicants for the Welsh Government broadband grant will receive a communication from the Welsh Government which contains:

1. A cover letter from Jessica Mannings
2. Two copies of the Offer of Funding agreement
3. A document giving more information about the scheme in the shape of “frequently asked questions”, or FAQ.
4. A form entitled “Elective Funding Claim Form”

Assuming you intend continuing with the scheme (and please let me know asap if you have any doubts about this), you must

1. Sign and date both copies of the Offer of Funding agreement (2 above), keep one copy safely and return the other to

Broadband Support Scheme
Welsh Government
QED Centre
Main Avenue
Treforest Industrial Estate
CF37 5YR

2. Retain the Elective Funding Claim Form (4 above) until after Spectrum Internet have installed your broadband. This should not be filled in at this stage and it seems probable that Spectrum Internet will supervise this side of things when the time comes anyway. The Getting connected page gives more details of what happens next. NB you have already elected for the Welsh Government to pay Spectrum Internet on your behalf so the “Or” option described in the cover letter does not apply.

Just to clarify things, all this applies equally to those in Penallt and in Tregagle, despite the fact that the technicalities of the broadband provision are different, the former having an upgrade to the Lone Lane cabinet and the latter having a local WiFi installation.

Finally, a reminder that all this also involves a change of broadband supplier from your current one to Spectrum Internet and there will be a communication from Spectrum shortly which gives more details. It will also ask what package you will be ordering (e.g. broadband only or broadband and telephony, etc).

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