Hildred Jones

Hildred Jones’ Reminiscences

‘We used to go on Sunday School outings to Raglan, Tintern and Maypole.

Mr Chatfield lent his waggons for us to go in. Raglan Castle was a ruin but I closed my eyes and imagined lords and ladies in their lovely clothes living there and walking around. No, I don’t remember dancing round the Maypole but there used to be a greasy pole there we would try to climb.

‘Then there were flower shows at the Argoed. You would see everybody going there carrying their pots of flowers and baskets of vegetables. There were prizes for the best collection of wild flowers for the children, and races and swing boats, too.

‘Both Billy and I have lived all our lives in Penallt, but he was away for a little while in Ireland during the 1914-18 war. He was born at Barberry. If he had lived a few more months we would have been married sixty years.’

[from: Penallt – A Village Miscellany]