Lone Lane Trees

March 14th 2016
The dangerous oak on Lone Lane is being removed. It has been slowly sagging after two larch trees fell onto its crown two years ago. Oli Gilbert of Monmouthshire Tree Services is using a cherry picker to slowly dismember the tree and then winch it to the ground in sections.

He remarked that the newly repaired telephone line, which runs under tree is making it a slow job!

The photo on the right shows the tree being taken down.

(report by John Payne)

Update on Trees along lower part of Lone Lane – John Payne (October 25th 2014)

Martyn Evans, the Highways Tree Officer inspected the oak in mid August and reported “Thank you for your e mail concerning the oak tree at the above location. The tree is on private land and so is the responsibility of the landowner. I have inspected it this morning and do not consider it in imminent danger of falling. Although there is a substantial amount of growth over the highway due to light conditions. It may be appropriate to remove some of these branches to take some weight off the main trunk.”

However, in talking to him he acknowledged that before the two larches were winched off the crown it had been in a perilous condition. You may remember that these large trees, falling onto the oak from further up the hillside had caused it to sag onto the telephone cable. It does not appeared to have moved since then, but there is a progressive loosening of its visible roots.

However last Saturday Clare, who lives next to the oak with her two children was woken by a huge crash and a shaking of the cottage at 0200hrs. Luckily only the tip of a vast larch hit the roof, the main heavy stem falling on the hillside. The road was closed for most of the morning whilst the tree was removed.

The issue of the woodland management is now in the hands of Environmental Health and the Highways Dept and we envisage that steps will be taken to arrange for the further assessment of the adjacent woodland. Clare was very appreciative of the support and practical help that the local Police gave her when I spoke to her this morning.

The local residents are very aware of the danger that these trees present after last winter’s 6 month closure of the other ascending branch of Lone Lane, we advise care in using Lone Lane after heavy rainfall and/or high winds.

John Payne writes (21st July 2014):
It is a great relief for the residents of Lone Lane and those who live on the road to the Old Church to have the road to The Boat reopened.

But we have been told that wind and rain could uproot trees and again close the road this winter. Local residents and a tree specialist have also identified a huge oak tree just above the old railway line as a serious potential hazard. This tree started to sag over the road after two large larch trees slid down the hillside and lodged in its crown. The larches were winched off last month and a huge branch removed.

Unfortunately the tree still remains a threat and if it falls it could take out the road and retaining wall below it (see photo).

The problem with Lone Lane are over mature trees that need removing, their weight and size result in movement with any extreme weather. A solution must be found for the whole of Lone Lane from The Pigscot to The Pitch.

The residents will report the issue to the Trellech United Community Council, but also plan to hold an Open Meeting in early August to review the options. Hopefully by this time we will have an assessment from The Highways Department.

Keep in touch and look for updates!

Lone Lane treefall 1

Lone Lane tree fall 2