New Applicants

It is not too late to join the scheme and apply for a Welsh Government Broadband support grant. The situation regarding this differs between those connected to the Lone Lane cabinet and those, predominantly in Tregagle, who are connected to the cabinet at the top of Whitebrook. The main reason for this is that, because of the nature of the two technical solutions being implemented by Spectrum Internet, the former will have an “off the peg” solution, whilst new applicants for the latter will need a highly customised solution, which won’t necessarily be available.

NB the broadband support scheme has recently been extended for 6 months beyond March 31st 2013 for new applicants.

New applicants (Penallt residents) should:

  • Download and print out a modified version of the WAG grant application form from here.
  • Start the process of taking three speed tests or, if there is no current connection at your property, other evidence of poor broadband (see below)
  • All non-business applicants need to fill in:

    • Section 1a
    • Section 2 (only if address different from Section 1a)
    • Section 3a (tick a few boxes)
    • Sign on back

NB If you are not VAT registered then you should apply as an individual

  • All business applicants need to fill in:

    • Section 1b
    • Section 2 (only if address different from Section 1b)
    • Section 3b
    • Section 5
    • Sign on back
  • When this form is completed each applicant will need to send to the Broadband Support Scheme:

    • 1 Spectrum Internet quote form which they will need to get from Spectrum.
    • 3 speed tests on 3 different days or 1 BT ADSL checker (see below).
  • You will need to send back to Spectrum your order form (download from here) with the package you require. Individual applications take up to 28 days to process with WAG.


Broadband Support Scheme

Welsh Government

QED Centre

Main Avenue
Treforest Industrial Estate
CF37 5YR

Spectrum Internet Ltd
Riverside Court
Beaufort Park Way
NP16 5UH
Tel: 029 200 22 355
email: [email protected]

 NB Guidance notes on completing the Welsh Government grant form can be downloaded here.

 When to do your speed checks

You will need to collect 3 results, each one on a different day in a 7-day period and in a different time slot – morning, afternoon or evening (see table below). The grant application depends on you being able to show that your download speed “is consistently below 2 Mbps”, so all results must show a download speed of less than 2Mbps to qualify for the grant.

Run one test a day each in a different time slot between these times:

Run one test a day each in a different time slot between these times:
07:00 to 11:59 morning
12:00 to 16:59 afternoon
17:00 to 22:00 evening

How to do your speed checks

1. Go to

2. Click ‘BEGIN TEST’ and wait for a few moments for the test to run. A download speed of less than 2Mbps qualifies. 

This image has been deleted

Sorry, this image has been deleted.

3. Print out the speed result you see and retain it for sending with your application.


If you cannot get broadband then the following check is needed. Go to BT’s ADSL speed check site by clicking here. Follow the instructions and print out the resulting page which should be submitted along with the grant application. You need to do this only once.


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