It is difficult to believe that the Babington Meadow project is now in its 18th year. As with all organisations we need to face up to change and bring on board new ideas and new people to help us continue to live up to the great reputation we have established. It is a project that is for the village by the village. Babington Meadow, designed and run as a 1 hectare eco-park, is predominantly self-funding with small grants from a variety of sources from time to time including TUCC, Art in Penallt and New Grove Trust.

Three particular things have triggered this call for more members and helpers:

Firstly, Our longstanding Treasurer, Ian Bristow has recently taken on huge responsibilities in the re-formulation of Lloyds Bank and in consequence wishes to step down as treasurer for Babington Meadow. Ian has ensured that the Meadow has always been in credit and paid its bills on time. He has set up simple workable systems and agreed to brief his successor on these and insists that although the job is not complex it does require attention to detail and making sure the Committee does not undertake financial risks it cannot cover. Our AGM is on 16 November at Pelham Hall at 7pm – which is an open meeting. It would be good to have nominations by then.

Secondly, Planting in the Meadow is reaching a state of maturity which requires an annual blitz of brambles, wild raspberries and other invasive species. We need a well armoured working party to spend a day doing some heavy clearance. Preferably armed with strimmers, brushcutters, rakes and loppers. As chairman, I will organise a barbecue to feed the troops. Sunday 11th December 10.00 – 4.00 has been suggested as a good day.

Thirdly, The children’s play frame in the meadow needs a wash and brush up. There is running water available and it will be about bringing your own brush / pressure washer. Also doing a full safety check on the equipment. Sunday 11th December 10.00 – 4.00 would also be good for this if we have the volunteers.

Those interested in joining the Committee, and/or applying for the Treasurer’s post (or nominating someone else) and those interested in volunteering for a tidy up on Sunday 11th December should, as soon as possible, get in touch with me, Alastair Robertson, The Committee Chair, by phone on 01600 715781, e-mail: [email protected], or letter to Tyr Wennol, Green Pastures, Penallt NP25 4SB.