WAG Grant Application

This page only applies to those who joined the original community-based scheme. New applicants should see here instead.

Filling in the form

The application must be in black typescript or written in black ink.

Householders simply need to complete 1a or 1b (company), 3a – ticking the boxes that apply or 3b (business), and 7 – Data Protection. Other boxes are pre-checked.

NB If the application is for a business, and 1b/3b are being completed rather than 1a/3a, you will need to cross off the tick in the second box on page 1 and tick the fourth box.

The Penallt Broadband Association (PBA) will submit the details of the three different supplier quotes we have received on two applications representing the community.

At the end of section 4 – bottom of page 4 – PBA needs to write in the name of the preferred provider and why. Can everyone please arrange to write in ‘Spectrum Internet – see D May and W Jackson community applications for details.’

Householders will then need to put in their address and contact details, tick boxes indicating the benefits of a decent broadband speed to them, provide three broadband ‘speed test’ results taken over three different days, one morning, one afternoon and one evening (which the PBA will assist with) and finally sign the form.

More information on speed tests is here.

PBA representatives will be visiting each home and will explain exactly what is required.

Section Details

Complete 1a with your personal details if you are applying as an Individual Household for support to install broadband into your home.

Complete 1b with your business/organisation details, including your VAT registration number if applicable, if you are applying for support to install broadband into your business/3rd sector premises. If you are based in a rural area and have previously received funding via the Rural Payments Authority, you will have been issued with a Customer Reference Number (“CRN”). It is necessary for you to include this number in your application if you have one, otherwise we will need to arrange one for you. This is a requirement of our funding regulations. Please ensure you complete all the questions relevant to you.

For those not relevant, please answer n/a.

If you are an individual applicant please complete section 3a, telling us what benefits you think you will gain from the installation of a broadband solution.

If you are a SME/3rd Sector Organisation please complete section 3b. Tell us what benefits you are forecasting from the installation of a broadband solution, what business applications you intend to use and for what purpose.

Full notes regarding the application form may be found here

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