B4293 Closure

Wednesday 11th September to Wednesday 25th September – Lydart Resurfacing

Day: 0930 – 1530; Night: 1900 – 0500

For two weeks starting on Wednesday 11th September, MCC will be resurfacing the B4293 from near Lydart House to the junction with the top of the Whitebrook Road. The section shown in red on the two maps below will be closed to all traffic and diversionary routes will be signed as shown in green on the left hand map.

The closure will not operate at weekends nor during the times 0500 to 0930 and 1530 to 1900 during the week.

Clarification from MCC (10/09/2019):

“The section of road closure at the top that crosses between the junction that heads into Penallt and the junction that heads onto Common Road up to Mitchel Troy will only be closed on the 17th and 18th for the night closure which is between 1900 and 0500.

These two junctions will be open to use for the other days of the closure, so access into Penallt will not be stopped other than for the night closure. The closure will also not apply during the weekends.”

It appears that, during the periods when the resurfacing is being done, the only access to Penallt will be via the usual way in from Chepstow at the top of the Whitebrook Road or from the A466 at Bigsweir Bridge and up through Whitebrook.

Full details of the plans can be found here.

Effect on 65 bus timetable

Friends of the 65 Bus have received a reply from MCC about the arrangements for the 65 Bus on the Road Closure Dates over the next couple of weeks.

The B4293 down Lydart Hill to Monmouth will have a daytime closure on:

  • Wednesday 11th September
  • Thursday 12th September
  • Friday 13th September
  • Monday 16th September
  • Friday 20th September
  • Monday 23rd September
  • Tuesday 24th September
  • Wednesday 25th September

On these dates, the 65 Bus services from Chepstow at 08.45, 11.15 and 13.15 that normally arrive in Monmouth at 09.30, 12.00 and 14.00 will instead terminate in Penallt at 09.20, 11.50 and 13.50.

These services will return from Penallt at 09.25, 11.55 and 13.55 calling at:

  • The Narth at 09.31, 12.01 and 14.01
  • Trellech at 09.36, 12.06 and 14.06
  • Llanishen at 09.39, 12.09 and 14.09
  • Devauden at 09.48, 12.18 and 14.18
  • Itton at 09.51, 12.21 and 14.21
  • arriving in Chepstow at 10.00, 12.30 and 14.30.

These will replace the normal daytime services that leave Monmouth at 10.30, 12.30 and 14.30 which will not run on the road closure dates.

MCC are going to provide us with a full temporary timetable – showing the changes to timings at the intermediate stops – which we will post on the F65B Facebook Page when it is received.

All other services are expected to run as normal.