Village website gets a makeover!

From Nikki Scarr

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I am delighted to announce that the first phase of the new Penallt Village website has been launched today. Our goal has to been to produce a website that reflects the beauty, culture, values and history of the village but also preserves much of the large wealth of information that David May has curated on the original website for the last ten years.

One driver for the project has been the fact that the technology provider of our current website is no longer able to provide long term support. It has taken a lot of commitment from several people to get us to this stage, but more of them later.

The initial phase of this significant project is a new streamlined website with links into the historical and archival part of the old website along with a continued link to the detailed weather data which has always been incredibly popular. Over the next few months these links will be removed and be replaced by links to a brand new “annexe site” that David and Jon Petrie are developing which will host all the current and future archive and historical information.

The new website has been built for the residents of Penallt as well as focusing on how we can promote Penallt for tourists and visitors to the area. It is important also to ensure that there is still a detailed section on Pelham Hall as one of our key community assets. Our goal is to continually improve the website and for that we would love your feedback regarding things you would like added, removed or changed.

There are so many people I need to thank for getting us this far. David May has played a key role not only through his knowledge of the old website but also putting a huge amount of effort into the new site in addition to being a main focus working on the new annexe site; Jon Petrie is providing his considerable technical skills to help David with migration of some of the old site. Kenny John provided the original design, structure and a significant number of pages to our new website thus providing a valuable launch pad for moving forward.

Andy Henstridge leapt in at a point where we were struggling to commit the necessary time and resource to move the project to a conclusion and both organised us and finished a number of the remaining pages. Without him we would definitely not be at go-live today.

Tom Rigby has set up the Places to Stay section which is the first commercial element of the site and will provide funds needed to host the site moving forward; in the longer term we hope the website may be able to contribute to funds for other village projects. Antonia Pearson has provided great input throughout also helping with the User Survey and our creative style and content! Finally to Bob Scarr and his contribution to the Penallt Footpath Group for the Village Walks section.

We look forward to hearing from you, all feedback good and bad will be so useful. Please send feedback to the webmaster We are also hoping for lots of photos of local Flora and Fauna to add to that section of the site.