Local historian “Kim” Kimber (1921 – 2015) edited two volumes on Penallt history, “Penallt – A Village Miscellany” first published in 1989 (see its Introduction for full authorship credits) and “Penallt Revisited”, published in 2009.

The Trellech and Penallt PCC has kindly agreed that materials from these volumes may be published online and this work has now been completed. Every chapter has been digitised and, where possible, new images have been added too.

Content from the two books has been augmented by additional chapters originating from separate sources. Where known, the source is given at the bottom of the chapter.

Acknowledgements: Kim Kimber for the two volumes. Many others have helped with this as well, including Lyn Harper, Trish Hayward, David and Anne May.

Illustrations: all line drawings and watercolours (unless otherwise mentioned) are by Kim Kimber. Many photographs are of unknown origin but credit has been given where the source is known.

Rather than presenting chapters by volume and in their original sequence, it seemed sensible to group them together by broad topic area instead. These are:-