Meend Letter

To the Monmouthshire Beacon – 20th July 2011

Does council not care for local farm land?


It has come to my attention that The Meend Farm in Penallt has fallen into a state of disrepair.

On closer inspection from the nearby roadside it is clear that the farm and farm land has been allowed to deteriorate significantly in the absence of Arthur and Ros Edmonds. They had farmed at the Meend for 33 years, and upon ending their tenancy in February 2011 they left the land and the buildings in immaculate condition. This was observed by almost 1,000 people on the day of the farm sale last autumn including myself, their daughter, whose home it was for 24 years.

The farm has been the responsibility of Monmouthshire County Council since February. Furthermore, Arthur had given a year’s notice prior to this that he was to retire. In this period of 18 months it is remarkable that nothing has been done to preserve the farm in its original condition.

Ideally it needs to be re-let or sold as a whole to keep a beautiful farm complete. In the summer, fields should be cut for hay or silage, or grazed by livestock.

It is such a waste that the council have failed to do this. They should be maintaining the land themselves or seeing that it is maintained by others. What a shame that a farmer’s labour of love for many years has been ignored and insulted.

Upon passing the place quite recently he was devastated to see the current state of the farm and concerned that people might blame him for what they see.

Through no fault of Arthur’s it has become a local eyesore rather than the well kept farm that it once was. The farming community of the area can testify to that and it is partly due to the observations of local farmers that I am writing this.

Let’s hope they read this and take action soon.

Sarah Edmonds (Cardiff)

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