Survey Results

Survey analysis 06/03/2012

105 responses have been received so far and the overwhelming majority wanted to know more about the outcome of the project to try to increase broadband speeds in Penallt.

The breakdown of responses relating to the statement “I am interested in learning about high speed home broadband in Penallt” was:-

Very interested 91
Quite interested 12
Not interested 2

… enough to make following things up worthwhile, especially as the large majority of respondents live in “slow spot” areas (i.e. internet at less than 2.0 Mbps). According to the BT broadband Check your speed website, which estimates broadband speeds according to telephone number or location, potential internet speeds in Penallt range from 2.5 Mbps to 0.5 Mbps, the distribution being:-

5.0 Mbps 1 house
2.5 Mbps 1 house
2.0 Mbps 7 houses
1.5 Mbps 9 houses
1.0Mbps 74 houses
0.5 Mbps 12 houses

Thus nine houses have the minimum acceptable speed, all others having a slow provision. NB It was not possible to estimate speeds for every household.

The survey remains open for any Penallt households yet to complete it, and can be found here.

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