Recent Burglaries

Our community police officers attended last night’s TUCC meeting and reported on recent burglaries. There are two different types of burglary going on in the Monmouthshire area at the moment, probably being carried out by different groups of people. We have had both in Penallt and the police are carrying out night-time patrols at the moment. It is worth remembering, though, that levels of crime are low in this area and that there is no need to panic.

  • House burglaries – more common in the towns than rural areas. No one has been apprehended for the one in Penallt yet, but scene of crime material is being examined. The police have arrested two individuals for burglaries in Monmouth. We are asked to remember that even in the summer (?!) it is important to keep our property secure.
  • Garage and shed burglaries – these are particularly a summer crime, so keeping outbuildings secure is essential. Consider a shed alarm. The police ask us to tell them about anyone coming round on spec to sell cheap garden equipment. The equipment itself isn’t stolen, but the vendors may be visiting properties in order to see what might be worth stealing. Also if you are out on an off-road bike or expensive mountain bike, report anyone who might be following you home. There has been a recent theft of four off-road bikes from one property and the police don’t believe the thieves just got lucky. If you have anything to report please ring 101.

There is also an online neighbourhood watch scheme we can join, which Gwent Police use to send out messages to residents. It’s at and there’s also information here. The signing up process isn’t entirely intuitive – you need to use the ‘finding your nearest watch scheme’ box on the home page – select neighbourhood watch and put in your postcode. You’ll then get the sign-up screen.

Tessa Murray (Community Councillor)

18 June 2013